fifty shades (thats it. thats the whole joke. im wearing 50 pairs of sunglasses right now this is comedy gold people)

“ya but how many chainz” i holler from the back of the crowd. suddenly its my show and your girlfriend is on my arm now. shes also a man and your gay

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Sun Two Door Cinema Club

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seeing people in ouija board sweaters

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so one time i gave my sister sleepytime tea mixed with Benadryl and melatonin and then she slept for 19 hours and thats why my family doesn’t trust me

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My Anime Reviews: Howls Moving Castle

Someone needs to staple this dude’s castle into the ground and start taxing the fuck out him.

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Some people are so attractive that my ass eats itself when I look at them

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it’s approaching fall which means it’s almost “leggings/scarves/snow/uggs/oversized sweaters/pumpkin spice lattes/wanting a boy to cuddle with” season which means it’s also almost “complain about teenage girls and the things they like to do in the fall” season and I want y’all to know I am Not Here For That and I will defend teenage girls forever

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There was this guy at the amusement park dressed as sonic.
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